BollyX Slingback Travel Kit

Wanna be hands free when you walk in the gym?! We do! This black slingback is perfect for traveling from class to class, easy on your back, and allows you to hold on to your gear without the weight on your shoulder or your hands being occupied. Made of polyester with a front zipper pocket, a zipper main compartment, and an adjustable padded shoulder with a velcro pocket. We recommend spot cleaning when dirty and air drying.

This slingback also includes a one-of-a-kind eye catching yellow branded click bottom pen, a petite BollyX Fest branded journal (5.5 inches tall), and a pair of branded sunglasses (sold separately as well). The journal is a GREAT place to write down stuff when your phone is busy playing your background music: People's names, contact details (gyms , feedback from class, whatever you need old school style :)

PLEASE NOTE: If you purchased an All Access BollyX Fest Ticket (December 9th-11th 2022), this is YOUR SWAG BAG!!!!

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