"Unleash" Gold Y-Back Top

THE GOLD IS BACK!!!! Remember the gold foil tops?! Well, this glammy type top is back with a new design and gold application

This Y-back top will encourage you to UNLEASH your inner rockstar! No matter what you’re doing, you should never have to sacrifice looking like a rockstar. A combination of bold and understated print, this super soft, light weight fabric will be comfortable to wear while working out or in your favorite pair of jeans. 

PLEASE NOTE: This item is only available for a limited time and while supplies last. If decide to purchase this item and you are attending BollyX Fest in-person or virtually, this item will be delivered via your swag bag instead of at your door step. If you did not purchase a BollyX Fest ticket and purchase this item, it will be shipped separately at the beginning of December. If anything else comes up with this item, we will let you know as soon as we do :) 

This item is also NOT refundable or exchangeable. If we have extra sizes available, we may be able to do an onsite exchange at BollyX Fest, but we will not be able to do a refund or exchange if this is shipping directly to your home.

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