BollyX Social Media Swag Bag

Wanna make your life easier when filming reels, taking photos, and getting that perfect angle? This Social Media Bag includes a BollyX branded device stand, a peel and stick square for mirrors and windows, 2 temporary tattoos, a pair of branded sunglasses, 2 branded pens, and 1 journal to take notes in! 

The stand is easily adjustable and gives you the optimal viewing angle. Its height can be extended and fits phones vertically or horizontally. Foldable, compact and portable for traveling. Full size: 2.625 x 4.375 x .75" / Folded size: 2.625 x 4.375 x .75"

The peel and stick square is PERFECT for those post class reels! No more stacking steps or balancing your phone on top of the towel bin. Just peel and stick to your phone and then the mirror! Same at home. Did you find the perfect lighting in front of that window? Great! Peel, stick, and record!

*Gold Foil temporary tattoos included while supplies last!

Film your reels, TikToks, Posts, and take pictures easily wherever you go! No need to bring your bulky tripod or change cases for your phone. You can even use a larger device with the sticky square!!! Get ready to post a LOT of content. Your social media life just got easier :)

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